Recognized sponsorship could include monetary contributions, as well as in-kind goods and services.
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Major Corporate  Sponsor

$10,000.00 Plus

Most prominent Logo position on all flyers, website, social media and promotional material for all film festival events throughout the entire year.

Name or business name listing in the Gala program.

10 tickets to the Red Carpet Gala.


Festival Sponsor

$5,000.00 Plus

Prominent Logo position on all promotional material related to the View and Vote Events and Red Carpet Gala.

Name or business name listing in the Gala program.

8 tickets to the Red Carpet Gala.



Category Sponsor

$2,000.00 Plus

Logo on selected category View and Vote promotional material and advertising at event.

Name on category trophy and recognition for funding winner prize payout.

Name or business name listing in Gala program.

4 tickets to the Red Carpet Gala.


Event Supporter

$1,000.00 Plus

Individual Name or Business Name listing in program, Gala promotional materials and on website.

4 tickets to the Red Carpet Gala.



Individual/ Business Sponsor

$250.00 Plus

Name or business logo listing in Gala program.

$500.00 Plus

Name or business logo listing in Gala program.

2 tickets to Red Carpet Gala

Come Join Our Team

Volunteer Positions

Special Events Committee:

  • Coordinates fundraiser events, promotional events, galas to complement the festival
  • Town coordination on signage, facilities and press releases

Film Selection Committee:

  • Reviews, selects and manages all film/video related needs of the festival
  • Manages the content from registration to award notifications and letters of appreciation
  • Responsible for developing, enforcing and managing the film/video selection criteria

Public View and Vote Committee:

  • Develops the program for each public view and vote event
  • Manages the National Canadian Film Day Event
  • Coordinates the logistics for the events including the Gala, venue rentals,

Volunteer Committee:

  • Recruits, trains, schedules and manages all volunteer needs of the festival.
  • Recruits volunteers and volunteers with SMART serve credentials
  • Develops volunteer teams through other sources to provide key logistic roles associated with the Public View and Votes and the Red Carpet Gala Awards Event.